Meeting Planners

Our goal is to provide you Everything You Need!

Whether presenting to the FBI, US Navy, Barclay’s, University of Florida, Baylor University or many other of Chuck’s extensive clients, the need to address issues related to Ethics is critical.

Chuck not only addresses why people (who know better) make unethical choices, but goes deeper into how we can help good people focus on ethical choices.  Gallagher brings the insight that comes from his past into the present in a way that meeting participants connect with and learn from.

As a Professional Meeting Planner, you want to make sure that you select the very best professional speaker to meet your organization’s needs and provide fresh insight and ideas in a way that captures your audience’s attention. Chuck can deliver for you!

Whether presenting a keynote address at a major function, doing a workshop or breakout session or speaking at an In-House training program, Chuck tailors each presentation to meet your organization’s needs. Flexibility and adaptation along with client research allow Chuck to focus his presentations to meet the unique needs of his client audience.

Often Chuck is selected as more than just a keynote speaker or motivational speaker, rather, clients seek Chuck’s experience and consultation as a resource for practical organizational problem solving long after the initial presentation is over.

Simply call Chuck at 828-244-1400, to discuss your event and how we might make it the best you’ve ever had.


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